• Lie Detector Test (Polygraph Test)

    Lie Detector Test (Polygraph Test)

    Determine if somebody is telling the truth by taking our Lie Detector Test at one of our offices or in your own home

  • Matrimonial Investigations

    Matrimonial Investigations

    We are specialists at identifying unfaithful behaviour, dealing with matrimonial issues and catching cheating partners

  • Vehicle Tracking

    Vehicle Tracking

    Our vehicle tracking service lets you monitor a vehicles movements 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with exceptional accuracy.

  • Surveillance


    Our investigators are trained to the highest standards and ready to conduct surveillance operations within 24 hours

  • Tracing


    Our tracing service will allow you to locate individuals, addresses and phone numbers for even the most evasive of subjects

  • Bug Sweeping

    Bug Sweeping

    The detection and removal of hidden listening or monitoring devices through bug sweeping and counter-surveillance techniques to protect yourself

  • Corporate Investigations

    Corporate Investigations

    We provide our corporate clients with a professional service and have a full range of corporate investigations on offer.

  • Theft


    Whether it is committed by customers, staff or even directors theft is a threat to companies of all shapes and sizes

  • Fraud Investigations

    Fraud Investigations

    It is estimated that in 2013 alone £1.3b of insurance fraud was detected, that works out to an extortionate £3.5m each day

  • Absenteeism


    Over 130 million days are lost to sick absence every year in great Britain alone with many employees claiming month of sick leave

  • Corporate Tracing

    Corporate Tracing

    When an Individual moves property or changes contact details it can be incredibly difficult to regain contact without assistance

  • Process Serving

    Process Serving

    A process server will deliver the documentation and then sign a statement or affidavit to prove that the documentation was delivered


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  • It was the first time i'd done anything like this so I didn't really know what to expect but it was absolutely brilliant. All the photographs were clear and everything was explained really well so it made me feel confident that they hadn't missed anything. If I could give any words of advice to somebody in a similar situation i'd say it's worth every penny, I can't speak of reveal highly enough and it's given me so much peace of mind.

    AW, Stockport

  • Me and my partner asked Reveal to help us find some tenants that had left damage to our property then disappeared, I was surprised at how quickly they found them. We found them at the address we were given and are now taking them to court.

    OD, Chorlton

  • I've used other investigators in the past and always felt a little out of the loop, my case manager stayed in contact and made sure I was happy with everything all the way through

    CJ, Wilmslow